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Sounds like a castle!

Nice job with the percussion! While the melody could use a little work I still get a good feel for a dark castle when listening to this, so the style is still pretty good.

halfangelfreak responds:


Okay, so the percussion is fine, and I should work on the melody. Will do!

One of your better works!

Sounds like the kind of music you listen to at the first town in an RPG, like at home or walking around town. Anyway, the only thing you might want to take a look at the bass way in the background. Make it something you can hum, it doesn't really sound like it's in tune. Not sure if that's how it's supposed to sound, but I think it would sound better that way.

Very interesting!!

It's very creepy, the title suits it well! The panning is a bit strange at one part but other than that I like the feel of this one!

halfangelfreak responds:

Thanks! I don't know how to fix that panning thing >.> No matter how hard I try it's still there.

Don't make it metal just yet!

If you ask me this piece could be a lot better if you slow it down a bit, and use different velocities for the strings (so it's not so loud all the time). Also change the bass, it sounds like it's in a different key signature which can cause a lot of dissonance. This could be a great instrumental piece if you work on your harmony!

halfangelfreak responds:

Thanks! I've used Reason before- it's a lot, I mean A LOT easier to make it sound right with orchestral than it is with FL studio.

Watch the pitch

I'm not sure if it's the particular instrument but it gets a bit messy when those higher notes are hit. Might want to lower it an octave or try a different type of bell. But this is very original, and that's what Iike about it! The only other thing that could use some work is the end, it's a little strange to me.

halfangelfreak responds:

Thanks! Although all the things you pointed out are supposed to be like that, I'll try making a new version, also the ending's just supposed to "fall apart", as it represents Sohn's death at the end of her pitiful life.

Interesting interpretation

There's a lot of dissonance going on in the background, I think it may be your instrument choice. I suggest you rework some of the harmonies going on here. Sorry if this rating is a bit harsh, but don't forget I remixed this song as well! I really like the first few seconds of this piece though, that earned you an extra point!

halfangelfreak responds:

Thanks, I'm making another remix that going to be as big of a remix as from Phantasia to Symphonia (as in, only keeping the main melody)!

Nice and light

Not particularly intense, but I like the feel of it. Especially what you did with the timpanis, it sounds very cinematic. It's no Smashing Live, but still good nonetheless!

halfangelfreak responds:

Thanks. It was a quicker remix.

Easy listening!

Here's my review (thanks for reviewing mine!)

Very relaxing mood, it would make great background music for a casual conversation in restaurant or something in a motion picture. Kind of makes me think of those Detective pictures where they're saying their monologues and such the whole movie.

Anyway, personally this is not my favorite style of music, but I can appreciate good work nonetheless! The only cons I have are that it's a bit repetitive, but it loops VERY well so I guess I can't complain since it's over a minute and all.

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