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Good, good

It was pretty funny, not sure why you wanted me to write a review so bad cuz I've watched it already a long time ago but didn't write a review. Anyway, if you have more episodes then please upload them.

Lol, you will laugh.

I find it an EXTREME coincidence that you would submit this the same day I submit my game Super Smash Flash, go search the portal and you'll see what I'm saying. This movie follows very well with my game.

Game-Max responds:

LOL! I just saw your flash it's right above this one on the portal list. Thats funny that we both submitted a super smash bros flash around the exact same time. one being a movie and the other being a game. Funny coincidence.

Good but...

It made me feel a little sick... And I do have one question, did he do that to the kid because he doesn't want him to live a life similar to his?

Also, your style is somewhat similar to that of David Firth.

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Very Fun!

I wish I had one of those laptops with the touch screens, then it would be even more fun! The only problem I have with it though is that it doesn't really give me a reason to play it again. I'm not saying it's not fun though, don't get me wrong! It just needs some different modes, like one with random dots to connect, or one with the timer counting down instead of up for each level

good but...

I think perhaps you should have waited until you added in the side view and other things before you submitted.

(Thanks though, I can use this technique when I'm to lazy to do full detailed battle scenes in my future animations.)

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Sounds like a castle!

Nice job with the percussion! While the melody could use a little work I still get a good feel for a dark castle when listening to this, so the style is still pretty good.

halfangelfreak responds:


Okay, so the percussion is fine, and I should work on the melody. Will do!

One of your better works!

Sounds like the kind of music you listen to at the first town in an RPG, like at home or walking around town. Anyway, the only thing you might want to take a look at the bass way in the background. Make it something you can hum, it doesn't really sound like it's in tune. Not sure if that's how it's supposed to sound, but I think it would sound better that way.

Very interesting!!

It's very creepy, the title suits it well! The panning is a bit strange at one part but other than that I like the feel of this one!

halfangelfreak responds:

Thanks! I don't know how to fix that panning thing >.> No matter how hard I try it's still there.

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