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Good, good

It was pretty funny, not sure why you wanted me to write a review so bad cuz I've watched it already a long time ago but didn't write a review. Anyway, if you have more episodes then please upload them.

Lol, you will laugh.

I find it an EXTREME coincidence that you would submit this the same day I submit my game Super Smash Flash, go search the portal and you'll see what I'm saying. This movie follows very well with my game.

Game-Max responds:

LOL! I just saw your flash it's right above this one on the portal list. Thats funny that we both submitted a super smash bros flash around the exact same time. one being a movie and the other being a game. Funny coincidence.

Good but...

It made me feel a little sick... And I do have one question, did he do that to the kid because he doesn't want him to live a life similar to his?

Also, your style is somewhat similar to that of David Firth.

nice man!

It's like the rated M version of the Zelda series! I bet if Xbox owned the rights to the Zelda games it would end up like this... Maybe if a representative from Nintendo watches this they'll get the idea that maybe some games should be violent!

SolidSacketh responds:

Thanks man, I am feeling the urge to make the next one... Or should I do the next warrior boarder...Hmmm..

great improvement!

This is a big improvement from your other flashes, I'm sure it will make it through the portal!


This deserves a much higher score! How did you think of this?!


You just owned the real Sonic X, they outta cancel that piece of crap and throw your stuff in there! It's much better animated and I'm sure has a lot more action! I can't wait!

keep on improving!

Each one gets better and better! Just whatever you do, DO NOT let Link die. Have Link help toad or something, he's too cool of a character to fight against toad.

Anyway, i love what happens to nemetoad, it was quite amusing!

thanks so much!

I opened up firefox and said, "boy, I wish I could watch some S & B right now", and whaddaya know? it's on the front page! How do you make them so fast?

Very nice quality

I liked it a lot, it's just the camera angles, you never seem to show the fullbodies of the characters on screen when they're fighting. It would be easier to tell what's going on if you zoomed out a bit sometimes. Other than that it was awesome! You improved a lot since the first!

Black-Crystal responds:

hhaa... seven's clothing is hard for me to actually animate it out(the other characters have no prob) so you cant actually see the full body of seven..I aldy planned to change the way he dressed in later ep.

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